What is this Live Journal thing?

Wow, so uhm, I totally forgot I had an LJ.

I guess a Life update is in order.

I am now 24, been married for almost 2 years to my Darling wife Melissa, we currently have a baby on the way, she is 13 weeks along.

I do not have a standard job, I am a professional Entertainer.

I am a Magician, Comedy Pickpocket, Trade Show Consultant, Keynote Speaker and Fire-Eater.

I am available for events, and parties, be it for 4 people or 4,000.

For Booking Information, call my booking office:


I also teach KiHara Aikido (Japanese Martial Art) at a Dojo in Weatherford, TX My rank is currently Nidan (Second Degree Black Belt) I should have my Sandan (3rd degree) soon.

My wife and I currently live in Richland Hills, TX in a nice quiet neighborhood.

I can't think of anything else to update on. so I will leave it at that.

Much love and cookies.

Nathan Himes
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